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CPRG 88.1 FM. Purgatory's Community Radio Station. Home of the local news program the Purgatory Report with host Jean Hogenbeck.

New episodes air the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. 

(This is a work of fiction, inspired by the television series Wynonna Earp)


Welcome to Purgatory! This tiny hamlet nestled in the plains of Alberta, Canada has certainly seen its fair share of unfortunate events and bizarre occurances. Who keeps the citizenry informed of the local mishegoss? The faithful reporters of The Purgatory Report on the local community radio station: CPRG 88.1 FM.

Join anchor Jean Hogenbeck as she (wo)mans the news desk and delivers all the latest information to listening Purgatorians. Along with field reporters Elmo Dinwiddie and Toni Sewell, the team has their hands full staying on top of all the latest action in the world of Purgatory business, crime, and current (and occasionally supernatural) events.

Tune in to new episodes the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.



Jen Tidwell (creator/showrunner/voice actor) - As well as being a professional voice actor, Jen is the producer and lead host of the Earp Fiction Addiction. They created 'The Purgatory Report' as an homage to their late-father's radio serial 'The Fingerbucket Report' which ran on public radio in the 1980's.


Jordan Hughes (writer/voice actor) - As an accomplished fanfiction author and experienced TTRPG game master, Jordan has an extensive background in world-building and character development. They have attended multiple writing seminars and retreats and can typically be found working on one of many independent writing projects at any given time. After doing performance work as both a mascot and a drag king, they are excited to dip their toe into the voice acting world for the first time!


Jason Byrd (writer/voice actor) - Byrd is a genderfluid queer from North Carolina with a passion for world-building and an obsession with Wynonna Earp that, frankly, worries his family at times. In addition to collaborating on fun fan projects, Byrd also streams video games on Twitch and occasionally wanders into the realm of fanfiction when the mood strikes. He likes long walks in the woods, debating the minutia of his favorite media, and pretending to be a competent adult.


Sydney Messick (writer - Season 1 only) - Sydney is a popular author of Wynonna Earp fanfiction.



Who’s Who on the Purgatory Report

Jean Hogenbeck, Purgatory Report anchor and CPRG station manager. Jean does her best to report the local news and keep the chaos surrounding her down to a dull roar. She’s the Kermit the Frog of this Muppet Show. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

Elmo Dinwiddie, Purgatory Report Field Reporter. Elmo is well-meaning if a bit bumbling. Often oblivious, but still quite dedicated, Elmo will do just about anything asked of him. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

Toni Sewell, Purgatory Report Sports Reporter. Toni is a woman of few words unless those words revolve around sports, in which case, she has a lot to say. Still direct and to the point, Toni is no-nonsense and typically devoid of humor. (voiced by Dresa Nikese)

Terra Goggins, Host of The Terrafiles Podcast. Terra is a cheerful, if slightly eccentric, cryptozoologist convinced that there are supernatural beings dwelling within the Ghost River Triangle. Excitable and prone to rambling at the slightest provocation, she is the leading and only member of the Ghost River Cryptozoological Society and she always seems to have a wild theory on hand to explain just about anything. (voiced by Jordan Hughes)

Will Drinkwater, Purgatory High School Drama Teacher and Artistic Director of the Purgatory Community Players. An enthusiastic teacher/thespian and occasional volunteer reporter for the Purgatory Report. Always sees the good in everyone, to the point of sometimes complimenting someone's worst feature just to find something nice to say. Will is a passionate proponent of the theatrical arts, even if his interpretations of the source materials are…unique. (voiced by Jason Byrd)

Velma Watkins, New Owner of Mama Olive’s Cafe. Formerly of Mooseknuckle, MT, Velma relocated to Purgatory to purchase and run Mama Olive’s along with her friend and line-cook Ofie. Velma is a passionate businesswoman who takes pride in her entrepreneurial ingenuity. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

Peter and Paul Mounds, Twins and Owners of The Mounds Brothers Garage. The Mounds Brothers are long-time Purgatory residents who have been operating their auto shop since the early 1990’s. A bit dimwitted but ultimately well-intentioned, they often find themselves in scrapes of their own creation. The twins are so identical that they are often confused for each other, even by themselves, and have found the only way to confirm who is who by double-checking which of them has a tell-tale birthmark on his behind. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

Doc Hawkins, Owner of Doc Hawkins Used Tires. Doc is an enigmatic character who occasionally shares memories of an interesting past. He loves his used tires so much that he can’t bring himself to sell a single one. Somehow, he remains in business. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

Jordan Barleyoats, Owner of Barleyoats Stables. As a stablehand and overall horseperson, Jordan is much like his charges. Typically placid and happy to ‘mosey’ on throughout the day. He tries to be helpful and is generally kind-hearted and good natured, though he does get things a bit confused from time to time. (voiced by Jordan Hughes)

Gerald B. Gefüllter, Owner of Gefüllter’s Golden Gooses. Gerald is a driven and intense hunter, determined to keep Purgatory safe from the "goose menace" that he's always convinced is just waiting for the opportunity to attack the town's unsuspecting citizens. Despite his less than accurate predictions of the goose threat, he is an expert in all things goose-related, and runs a business providing traps, decoys, and goose-feathered goods to the citizens of Purgatory. (voiced by Jason Byrd)

Leroy Scruggs, Owner of Little Leroy’s Pigpen Boutique. Leroy is a cantankerous old boy who doesn’t have time for anything not related to pigs and pig outerwear. A bit of a miser and generally annoyed at the world, Leroy only engages in socializing when it suits his needs. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

Deputy Buddy Precious, Officer of the Purgatory Sheriff’s Department. One of Sheriff Haught’s new hires since retaking the title and position. In addition to regular patrols, the Sheriff has placed Buddy in charge of enforcing bag limits and all other rules and laws associated with Fish and Wildlife Gaming in Ghost River County. A seasoned professional who only recently transferred from The Big City, Buddy is doing his best to acclimate to the oddness that is Purgatory. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

Vern Hopkins, newly-elected Purgatory City Councilman. A long-standing feud with Councilwoman Bunny Loblaw inspired Vern to run for a seat on the town council. Now he sits alongside Bunny as a council of two. The pair frequently knock heads. But as Bunny unsurprisingly considers CPRG and the Purgatory Report to be “fake news” we only ever hear Vern’s side of the debates. Vern is dedicated to bringing back some of Purgatory’s more infamous town events, especially the annual Frog Spit Competition. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

Morris Sewicky, DVM, Veterinarian and Mayoral Candidate. Morris decided to throw his hat into the Mayoral race if for no other reason than to prevent Councilwoman Loblaw from running unopposed. Shy, but driven, Morris is doing his best as a newcomer to Purgatory Politics, perhaps getting a little too caught up in the mudslinging part of the campaign trail. (voiced by Jordan Hughes)

Odette, CPRG’s Gossip Columnist Life and Style Reporter. Recently arrived in the Triangle, Odette has somehow managed to become the station’s new “life and style” reporter, despite never being hired by the station manager. Weirdly interested in both down-filled outerwear and stirring up the local gossip mill, Odette also seems to have set her romantic sights on Will Drinkwater for some reason. (voiced by Jen Tidwell)

The Intern, One of Mr. Drinkwater's technical theater students, The Intern is a recent new hire at the station and their duties include managing the CPRG Twitter and Bluesky account and (apparently) any errands that Jean needs doing around the station, if only she could remember their name.... (voiced by Jason Byrd)


Other (nonspeaking, but oft-referred to) Residents of Purgatory include:

Ofie, Mama Olive’s Line-cook. Velma’s cousin and an amazing chef of all things pie. 

Dolores Hodge, Mama Olive’s waitress. A woman of indeterminate advanced age, Dolores came with the cafe and doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon.

Sarah Lea Seaforth, Purgatory High Blue Devils Hockey Coach and Home Economics Teacher. The subject of most of Toni Sewell’s sports reports.



Jen Tidwell as:

Jordan Hughes as:

Dresa Nikeyse as:

Jason Byrd as:

Mandy Rose Nichols as: